The Little Essentials That Make a Great Party

The best thing about throwing a party is getting a chance to socialize with friends and family. But planning a party especially one at home with all the décor and details takes serious prep work and planning. Remember the perfect party allows the host to have just as much fun as the guests. Here we are with a little guide on the basic essentials that are a must when planning your next party or function.

  1. A complete Guest List is always a great start. This will give you a good indication of the number of people that are coming and therefore plan the right amount of catering, alcohol and bar and food staff necessary to make your party a success
  2. The Theme: Parties are all about having fun especially with a theme that’s unique and individual. Having a theme for the party just helps you create a sense of excitement among your guests. Your entire decor, invitations and food could revolve around a theme, so make sure it is doable.
  3. Decor: If you have a theme, then the decor should reflect this. However, if you decide not to have a theme you can still co-ordinate the decor to give the place a party look and feel. Simple ideas such as candle light and some lovely flower arrangements can really enhance the space.
  4.  Cater for your guests especially if children are coming. A room with lots of space to play and some simple games should keep the kids entertained. Alternatively if the weather is good, some outdoor games might be fun and make cleaning up much easier especially if the children’s food is served outside. Keeping the little ones engaged and busy will give you some quality time to spend socializing with your friends.
  5. Food: A well catered party is something everyone remembers. If having a large number of guests your first decision will be whether to have finger food or a buffet. Unless you have lots of time on your hands and enjoy days of food prep and shopping, it is best to outsource your caterer. Often the caterer will have some great food ideas that you haven’t thought of especially if additionally catering for kids. Using a caterer or even party planner can take all the hassle and stress out of your ‘at home’ party. By the time you run around buying different items from various food outlets and coordinating pick up on the day of the party, you are already exhausted before the party even starts. Let someone else do the hard yards and they can even coordinate your décor and theme for you.
  6. Drinks: For large parties it is best to keep the bar simple. Maybe offer a cocktail on arrival. Pick a cocktail your bar staff can remake easily when they run out. On the bar for the night maybe offer two of the most popular spirits like vodka and scotch and some mixers. Then just offer beer, wine and soft drinks for the rest of the night.
  7. Bar and food staff: A general rule of thumb is to have one bar person and one food staff for about 40 people. If having 50 + it would be good to have ‘a floater’ that can assist both bar and food staff. Obviously this is just an approximate depending on the food and drinks being served.

Overall we believe the best way to have the most successful and easy going party is to ring a party help service that can coordinate everything for you at a reasonable price and allow you to enjoy yourself with your guests.

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